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A Significant Image

Some people have left amazing imprints in the world by which they are fondly remembered. Think Michael Angelo’s Sistine Chapel or Leonardo’s Mona Lisa or Shakespeare’s literature or Mozart’s compositions to name but a few. By looking at their works we get some insight into the genius of these creators.

The same is true with God. The Bible tells us that God made man in his image and that his creation was good (Genesis 1:26-30). When you consider how complex the human body and soul are, you get just a glimpse into the creative genius of God.

But more than this, mankind being created in God’s image has significant and serious implications. Here are two:

1. All people have significance and innate worth. From the moment of conception, people are valuable. No one should consider themselves or others worthless. Here is the bedrock for good mental health. It is also the reason abortion must be regarded as murder.

2. All people are equally significant. Some don’t have more of God’s image than others. This means there is absolutely no ground for racism. All people, regardless of appearance, intelligence, wealth, or abilities must be valued and treated fairly.

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