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The God who Sees and Hears

Never underestimate our ability to make a difficult situation worse. I don’t want to sound too pessimistic, but the truth is our sinful and selfish predisposition is capable of great stupidity!


Take the story of Sarai and Hagar in Genesis 16. Instead of trusting God and waiting for the promised son, Sarai has her husband sleep with her maid, Hagar, to ‘manufacture’ the son. Not her brightest idea, as the consequences of her actions revealed. For her part, Hagar, once pregnant, ‘despised’ Sarai. Alas, not her brightest idea, given the curse previously prescribed by God in Genesis 12 on all who ‘despise’ Abram and his family.


Both ladies took a tough situation and made it worse. Sarai, thanks to her impatience, lack of faith and poor judgment. Hagar, thanks to her pride. Then let’s throw in Abram, whose passivity during the entire episode only compounded the situation!


Yet, despite human frailty and foolishness, the story has a positive outcome. Hagar fled her mistress but was met by the Angle of the Lord, who assured her of God’s love, care and provision. Abram had a son, though not the promised seed, nevertheless flesh and blood who inherited a promise from God. And, As the next chapter shows, Sarai did not forfeit her opportunity for motherhood. God’s mercy and goodness met all three in their weakness.


You may well be in a difficult situation at the moment, relationally, financially, or health-wise. You may be tempted to act selfishly, short-sightedly and foolishly – don’t. The world, the flesh and/or the devil might tempt you to ‘get even’, ‘take a shortcut’, or ‘put yourself first.’ Yet the best course of action is to do that which would bring God the greatest glory, even at the risk of personal cost. Much better to be in the place of blessing than worldly approval. Much better to prioritise the flourishing of others over your agenda. God sees you, hears you and will work for your good.                             

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