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Writing Personal Life Goals

One way to help make the most of life is to set personal goals. You can set goals for your Christian life, character, marriage, family, career, leisure and/or community involvement. When setting goals ask yourself what the best possible future in those areas might look like. Don’t be unrealistic though, for the goals you set need to be under your control. At the same time, don’t sell your future short – dare to dream!

Come up with SMART goals:

  • Specific, not vague

  • Measurable, not overly subjective

  • Attainable, not unrealistic

  • Relevant, not godless!

  • Time-bound, not open-ended

Make sure you write these goals down and look at them often. Once written, break each goal down into action steps. That is, the various steps you’ll need to take to reach the goal. Think of a ladder with the primary goal at the top. What rungs will you need to climb to reach the top? Then, think through a plan, act, be accountable and from time to time reflect upon and adjust your goals.

It sounds like a bit of work, and it is! But if we’re serious about maximising our time remaining on this planet for Jesus, it’s work well worth doing.

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