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A Deathly Fall

Unless you’re in a theme park, in a safely controlled environment, it’s never fun to fall. Some may suggest skydiving is fun, but I’m not so sure! Falling is not something we want to be doing often, if at all. We were not created to fall - we were created to walk. But I suppose falling is one of the risks of walking.

Adam and Eve were created to walk with God and enjoy Him as they ruled over the earth. To start with they did just that. But then the serpent came along. It tempted Eve to rebel against God, and she in turn led Adam to do the same (Genesis 3). In an instant, their existence went from one of paradise to pain. Sin, evil, selfishness, greed, doubt, and alike were unleashed in the human heart while chaos was let loose into the world. For a good reason, this moment in the Garden is referred to as the ‘Fall of Man’.

When mankind fell, death came into the world, just as God said it would (Genesis 2:17). Death has afflicted humanity and the created order ever since (Romans 5:12, 8:20-22). This death is both physical and spiritual. Physical death we know about all too well. Yet spiritual death is even worse. It refers to separation from God, his life, love, and forgiveness. Thanks to our first parents we are all under a death sentence. This means we will all die physically, and, unless we accept God’s rescue, we will remain separated from God, for all eternity.

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