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How to Practically Pursue Love

If you appreciate great writing read 1 Corinthians 13 slowly, pausing after each verse. This chapter is the Apostle Paul’s masterful hymn to love. Not only does the whole chapter follow a parallel A B A’ pattern, but the rhythm and language are exquisite. Both the vessel and its contents work to extol love. That is, both what he writes and the way he writes reveal that the pursuit of God’s love is the greatest quest anyone can undertake.

Yet how do we practically pursue the kind of love 1 Corinthians 13 talks about? It seems so other-worldly, so pristine, so out of reach! The answer, though it may seem quite ordinary, has the profound ability to bring about our personal transformation. I’m talking about intentionally and regularly connecting with people for the case of the Gospel.

First, this means being part of a church small group. To love and be loved we must be regularly connected to others on more than a surface level. We need prayer and we need to pray for others. We need to help other believers when they’re down and rejoice with them in the good times (1 Cor 12:26). Church small groups are the best way to give opportunity for this to happen well.

Second, this means working to build friendships with non-Christians, so that in time we might share the Gospel with them. There is no greater way to love another than to help them find and enjoy eternal life.

Love is self-sacrificially seeking to see others flourish. Let’s get to it!

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