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"Sad Separation"

We as humans were not originally designed to experience separation. Being made in God’s image included the idea of being relational. We were designed to be in a good relationship with God, with others, with self, and with the world around us. Yet when our first ancestors messed up and sinned in the garden, it changed everything. They brought death into the universe and with death came ugly, painful separation.

The authors of Exploring Christian Theology (volume 2, page 42) relate 5 kinds of ‘death’ that entered the universe when Adam and Eve sinned:

Spiritual Death – separation from God’s life (Gen 3:8-11)

Physical Death – unnatural separation of body and soul (Gen 3:19)

Covenantal Death – separation from blessing, suffering under cursed conditions (Geb 3:14-19)

Relational Death – separation from healthy interpersonal and social relationships with others (Gen 3:16)

Cosmic Death – The corruption of all creation (Rom 8:20f)

The Bible tells us that the only answer to this 5-fold death is to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son, for the forgiveness of sin. Is that something you have done?

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