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The Holy Bible

We believe the Bible is an amazing, supernatural book! It was compiled by holy men of God under the direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Bible was written over 1500 years by around 40 different people, and yet is amazingly unified in theme and content. It has been 100% prophetically accurate to date, historically and archaeologically verified in many places, and has been copied down through the ages with wonderful precision.

We believe the Bible is inerrant, authoritative, clear and sufficient (2 Tim 3:15-17).

  • Inerrant means the original 66 books contained no errors whatsoever. The Bible is God’s word, God cannot lie, therefore the Bible is without error.

  • Authoritative means the Bible, as God’s word, has God’s authority behind it. To disobey the Scriptures (rightly understood), is to disobey God.

  • Clarity means Scripture is able to be understood, if read well, as the author intended.

  • Sufficiency means the Bible is all the divine revelation we Christians need to live full, faithful and fruitful lives.

Don’t underestimate the Bible. Treasure it, understand it, and most of all, obey it.

Pastor Greg

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