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What We Believe

Updated: May 6, 2022

When looking to join a church you should want to know what they believe the Bible teaches on certain issues. Why? Because truth matters, it reflects God and sets people free. The degree to which a church teaches truth to that same degree they reflect God well and help people to thrive.

We at KBC call ourselves a conservative evangelical church. ‘Conservative’ means we hold to the integrity of the Bible and base our beliefs and practices on it. ‘Evangelical’ refers to the fact that we work and pray to see as many people as possible come to faith in Christ.

With respect to what might make us different from many other churches, we are dispensational, complementarian and non-charismatic.

  • Dispensational means that we believe the Bible teaches a future for national Israel where all the covenant promises God made to her in the OT will be fulfilled.

  • Complementarian means we believe the Bible teaches loving male headship in the home and the church.

  • Non-charismatic means we don’t believe the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, as demonstrated and defined in the NT, are around today.

Pastor Greg

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