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Wise Up This Christmas

The story of the wise men coming to Bethlehem with gifts for the new-born King in Matthew’s Gospel reveals, broadly speaking, 3 different attitudes people have towards Christ.

First you have the ‘Ogres who Oppose’. This group is represented by King Herod, who, when hearing that the King of the Jews had been born, became severely distressed (v.3). Herod was a pretend king, the real king therefore posed a significant threat. In our society, anti-Christian sentiment is growing. Many people in our city and government actively hate biblical Christianity. Be alert to their diabolical schemes, just as the wise men were to Herod.

Second, there are the ‘Ignorant who Ignore’. Like the chief priests these people pay lip service to truth but it makes no difference to their life. Most people fall into this group. They are happy to partake in the presents, the holidays, the festivities, but want nothing to do with the Christ who is the reason for it all.

Third, the ‘Wise who Worship’. The wise men valued Scripture (they probably came when they did on the basis of the prophecy in Daniel 9), took risks for the Lord’s sake and worshipped him with a generous spirit. This is the only group that pleased God.

So, this Christmas, wise up and worship our wonderful Saviour.

Pastor Greg

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